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Game of Thrones Icons::
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I made these icons yesterday, and I love them, but today my pc practically broke down, so I'm on an ancient family laptop and the colours look awful and it makes me sad :( But hopefully my pc will be fixed soon! Soooo my favourite characters are Jaime/Robb and Jon, hence the icon. My OTP is Jaime/Sansa, but I also love Arya/Gendry and Jorah/Daenerys (and many more but there wasn't space for more) so I made icons for the in the Artist's choice category.

     36- 40
     41- 45

I'm not sure if the icons I've chosen are the best of the ones I made yesterday, because as I said before the colours look very different on my laptop :P Still, I'm glad I managed to post them, it was very time-consuming because this laptop is like, 8 years old and it's super slow!

If you'd like, you could vote for me at magic awards! I'm nominated in the Game of Thrones category, by the lovely sky_magenta! The poll is not up now, but it should be up within the next few hours, I guess. The poll is up! <3. Either way, take a look, there are already many polls with amazing icon makers! <3

Post dedicated to sky_magenta , for being awesome and lovely and flawless! :))) <3333333

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