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Post #113! Icon Dump Part 2

Hi again! This is part 2 of the Icon Dump I started, with a total of 64 icons. Some are from this battle, some are for theiconquest in general, some for icontests like the7days, and many were made just for fun :)

Answer Me [01], Catwoman [02], The Hunger Games [01], New Girl [01]
The Fall [04], Merlin [03], Harry Potter [04], Misfits [11]
Downton Abbey [14], Doctor Who [23]





Answer Me o1, Catwoman o2-o3, The Hunger Games o4, New Girl o5
The Fall o6-o9, Merlin [10-12], Harry Potter [13-16]








Downton Abbey






Doctor Who

boxedcolors // gotelite

Also, congrats to Taylor for SLAYING with her new album :) I never really cared for her, but after this, I do.

Tags: !icons, film: harry potter, film: the fall, film: the hunger games, tv: doctor who, tv: downton abbey, tv: merlin, tv: misfits
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oh! these are so vibrant and gorgeous :)
Thank you very much! <3
Snagged some Doctor Who icons.
TY <3
Gorgeous DA! Love the colors on 37 especially.
Thank you very much! <3

I tried a lot with that :)
Beautiful post!
Thank you so much bb! <3
30,31,36 and 41 of Downton are so pretty! Beautiful set my dear! :D
Thank you so much! <33
52 must be the most emotional thing i've ever seen. omg. my feelings. my tears.
taking a few (almost everything with rory's face), and loving the entire post.
Awww thank you so much!

Rory's face is precious! :) <3
These are super pretty! Taking a bunch of DW with credit. :D
Thank you very much! <3
awww so many pretties *Q*

for some reason your new posts won't show up on my flist? :c but good thing you cross posted @ boxedcolours so i saw this pretty entry :D

i'm definitely taking the leon icon <3 i love him and FINALLY an icon where he's not derping xD

also YAY! new girl, the hunger games and misfits icons from you ♥
Thank you so much bb!! <33

Oh crap, seriously? That means I must have missed some posts too :/

Ahaha yes, Leon is so amazing <3 TY!

That very first icon has killer shading and such gorgeously earthy, muted tones! Loving 18's crop. It's deliciously sexy! 38 is so soft and ethereal. I love the light colors that give it a very summery feel. DYING for the lighting of 46. Holy shit! The text in 51 is BEYOND ME.
Awww thank you so much!
I love detailed comments like this <3

Plus OMG your new default <3_<3 The colours are gorgeous! [Red and Green are my two fave colours] <3


5 years ago


5 years ago


5 years ago


5 years ago

These are amazing ♥ 44 is my favorite, you're superb at close crops and the pale coloring looks so pretty. I also love 6 (such intense colors and love the clarity of it), 15 (amazing use of dark negative space, and the lighting is wow), 28 (all the pretty colors! ♥), 29/31/35 (can't decide which version I like best but you've done an amazing job with the lighting and texturizing in all of them) and 56 (gorgeous coloring and love the grunginess). Truly wonderful batch!!
Thank you so much!

This comment seriously made my day, I appreciate it <333
Gorgeous batch! Snagging the Sir Leon one and some of DA :) . Will credit if use :) .
Thank you very much! <333
Snagging a Cora one, thank you so much! <333
You're welcome, thanks for telling me! :)